Ms. Oertel's English 1

Woo-Hoo Students!!


These students have done an exceptional job this past week, completing 4 or more assignments!

Nashun Tomlinson, Blake Woolcock, Shanice Montique, Evelyn Morales, Kevin Burgo, Christen Yawn, Trevon Adams, Taylor Schaeffer, Miguel Rondon, Shelby Press, Jacob Willis, Elizabet Badillo, Cody Merritt, Madi Giles, Mike Doyle, Elaine Perez, Sergio Pineda, Emily Fockler, Dakota Horne, Dontavis Burgess, Andrena Thomas, Henry Shupe, Kyle Wedge, Amber Johnson, Cassie Young, Evyn Canada, Paule Jackson, and Justin Towner.Sogeil Rivera, Sarah Cooper, Julie Scasso, Jodi Fowler, Ruley Fretwell, Preston Haney, Spencer Lavers, Matthew Manchester, Ashlyn Raddar, Jordan Makowski, Shawn Vera, West Villareal, Cody Adams, Jonathan Hawley, Kyle Sigmon, Phillip Gresk, Tia Coleman, Gabriela del Valle, Brittani Fleming, and James Johnson.

70% or More!

These students will soon be crossing the finish line, completing their segment and enjoying their summer because they are at least 70% complete! (Students in red completed this week!)
Elaine Perez, Luke Alexander, Ashley  Hutchinson, Jesse Cristoforo, Jasmine Boone, Tiffani Vogel, Jessica Fox, Antonio Johnson, West Villareal, Karis Honda, Kyle Wedge, Paule Jackson, Casey Cunningham,  Jerica Hines, Maria Buendia, Giannina Duran,  Taylor Schaffer,  Evyn Canada, Justin Towner, Elizabet Badillo, Kwasi Minter, Christain Long, Courtnie Fella, Tia Cook, Shanice Montique, West Villareal, Logan Breeding, Sophia Rosado, Dean Apockotos, Kawther Almatrouhi, Brittani Fleming, Jodi Fowler, Spencer Lavers, James Johnson, Adrian Besson, Logan Mason, Jonathan Hawley, Tia Coleman, Brianna Somerset, Gavin Nieves, Briana Brownlee,  Matthew Manchester, Darrius Chappell, Adam Weimer, Alex Vazquez, Megan Laughlin, Linda Douglas, Diesca Bontemps, Paige Vonhoose.

It's time for a
Monthly Call: 

Overdue Calls:
  Shawn Wall, Ruby Torres, Phillip Gresk and  Preston Haney

Calls Due This Week!:
Will Anderson, Elizabet Badillo,
Kevin Burgo, Lisa Eskridge, Austin Gainey, Madi Giles, Ashley Hutchinson,
Nathaelle Nelson, Christine Yawn,
Adam Weimer, Justyn Summerlin,
Ashley Quickle, Cassie Young,
Jordan Makowski, and Lexi Budowski

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Happy Birthday Wishes to:


July Birthdays!2nd
Camille Clark
Tiffani Vogel
Cannon Wells

Justyn Summerlin

Casey Cunningham
Gabriela del Valle

Justin Towner

India Murph