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WeboWord – Vocabulary Visually


Helping Words!

Wnat to help the feed the hungry and build your vocabulary at the same time? (Of course you do, studies have shown that the most successful people in any field share one thing in common- they have great vocabularies!) Visit and play! You'll help feed the hungry and your brain all at the same time! 

How would YOU say it?

Words, I just love 'em! With words you can create, destroy, inspire, coax, encourage, humiliate, inform, mislead, describe...the possibilities seem endless!  Thinking carefully about your choice of words, what caption would you give the picture? Send your ideas to Ms. Oertel and look for the results next week!

Who Said That?!

Think you know who said it? Check your answer on the Helps page!
"I don't think much of aman who is
not wiser today than he was yesterday."
A.  Martin Luther King Jr.
B.  Harrison Ford
C.  Abraham Lincoln

Looking for a Good Book?

You might want to try  This amazing site has tons of information and cool stuffs. You can see new books, read excerpts, read and share reviews, author interviews, find all sorts of book lists and more. It's a great place to start when you're not sure what to look for at the library, or want to find out more about an author or book or genre of reading. 

Why not use this as a jumping off point to start creating your own booklist for the summer? Even groovier? You could share your ideas here - and we could create our own Book List!

Found a book you love? Tell us about it on our  "Love this Book!? blog.